Oceanview Park International Dollhouse

Oceanview Park International Dollhouse


Oceanview Park International Dollhouse of Bislig City Surigo del sur is a unique Restaurant Park on its view deck, an overlooking view of the city and the Pacific Ocean. The restaurant and dollhouse are situated on a hill top. Therefore, one needs to climb up first for about 250++ steps before reaching these structures.  And I guarantee that.

The Dollhouse Story

It is said that Mr. & Mrs. Willimann has no child and Mrs. Ruelaine couldn’t bear a child and that made her start collecting cute dolls from Barbie doll to native upto the mysterious dolls. each one of them has different unique stories and origins.¬†Obviously, Most of the dolls also use the real hair and eyelashes of a real person.

Definitely, Anne is a child that came from a wealthy family and due to the status of their life. Whenever her family keeps on receiving threats which her parents acted too over protective to her and as a child she has no life outside, she’s just staying in her room watching TV and abundant with toys but it isn’t the life she wanted. Ultimately, Anne has been famous in their country for such sad story that she died out of loneliness.