Philippines Widest Waterfalls

Philippines Widest Waterfalls. Tinuy-an falls is known to be the widest falls in the Philippines. Thus, it plunges 55 metres or 180 ft high from the top of the three tiered cascading waterfalls. Accordingly, the name Tinuy-an is came from the dialect word Tinuyu-an. Which means “intentional” the locals  called it as tinuy-an because the location is far from the suburb area. Therefore, you need to walk an hour or 2 to reach the Waterfalls. Every morning between 9AM to 11AM the rainbow will show up along the falling water that makes it more beautiful to see even with pictures. One activity to do in Tinuy-an Waterfalls is to ride a bamboo raft that will get you close to the cascading water and get a water massage. Contact us now to book your trip to this majestic waterfalls.

Tinuy-an falls
tinuyuan falls 2